GENRE: Techno
LABELS: Dynamic Reflection

Dutch duo Abstract Division is out on a mission. With over 25 years of collective experience under their belt, Paul Boex and Dave Miller are always crafting fresh, exciting techno that marries raw warehouse vibes with the best of a basement session. Releasing on their own Dynamic Reflection label, the pair imbue their cuts with hypnotising drones and expansive sonic soundscapes that manage to be physical yet uplifting. After more than twenty years in the game, they are as able in the booth as they are in the studio and it means they can react to, and rock, any given club or festival. When not touring the world, the pair host their own Decode parties at Transport in Rotterdam, a proper techno experience and often the testing ground for their own essential tracks. Such as their most recent double EP, Contemporary Spaces, always make their way into the record bags of the world’s key DJs, and each new one marks a subtle evolution in sound. Never sitting still, Abstract Division is a true techno force.
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