GENRE: Techno

Dario Rossi is a drummer and a producer. Is one of the most known drummer in the world for the uniqueness and originality of his road performances. His music and, first of all, his particular way to produce it, represent an unicum in the electronic music sector. 1988 class, he begins to make experiments with sound at only 5 years old, playing on various objects and surfaces, obtaining music. Successively he begins the drum studies at the age of 10 till the enrollment, around the 18, at ''Saint Luis College of Music' in Rome, to increase the knowledge of the instrument. In 2011 he flies to London, where he exhibits for the first time with a set composed by recycled objects. Only in a few minutes 'Piccadilly Circus' is crowded by excited people, impressed by his performance. This was his first success. Back in Italy, he starts to exhibit every now and then in some local festivals and principal squares of the capital. And it's in the summer of 2014 in Berlin that his activity obtains the first important recognition: the video of his performance in 'Alexander Platz' is shared like wild fire all over the world, with millions of visualisation and the attention of many international mastheads. The same thing happens in Amsterdam (Dam Square) and Barcelona (Playa de la Barceloneta). In 2015 begins his first european tour in the main capitals ad Budapest (Sziget Festival), Copenaghen, Oslo, Prague, Paris, Bruxelles and Barcelona, where he plays opening the session of the famous dj Luciano. Dario Rossi today is appreciated by millions of people all over the world and even by some important icons of the musical scene. At the moment he exhibits in clubs, festivals and theatres all around the Europe, showing a more complex live, rich of analogical effects and, most of all, amplified so you can make a distinction between it and the road performances. And meanwhile he's working on the production of his first official EP. His aim is to make, day by day, better lives and to propose himself to the public not only as a performer but as a producer too.