Who are we?

YAM AG LTD Publishing is a young and fast expanding section of the brand which represents currently both promising rising stars and long-term professionals of the electronic music scene. Due to strong ties with the international scene of electronic music and production YAM AG LTD’s publishing has earned itself a name that stands for professionalism. The publishing section of the brand is an additional aspect that underlines the excellent relationship the brand has established with the artists it works with: in fact, it’s the publishing that gets back to the artist what’s owed to him and makes sure that creativity is paid back adequately.
Among others YAM AG LTD’s publishing section is proud to represent:

What does publishing mean?

The word ‘publishing’ can sometimes appear a tricky one to explain; it brings up some question marks that require a detailed explanation.
Firstly, transparency is one of the basic ingredients of a good and stable artist-publisher relationship. The great need for transparency lies within the very same job a publisher does: the publisher assures the artist receives all the copyright payments for his/her music.

How does that process work?

Essentially it starts with the artist registering themselves at a copyright distributor with the assistance of the publisher – there is at least one of these organizations in every country. Don’t worry, with good advice the choice will be easy.
Once the registration is done, the actual publishing work gets started. The publisher-artist relationship will be defined by so-called ‘publishing agreements’, which essentially are contracts of musical distribution. The registered single tracks will then undergo a procedure that aims at collecting every last cent of copyrights of each track. This includes streaming, CD sales, performances, and radio usage. In summary, you could say that the publisher does the ‘technical’ part of work, leaving the artist totally free to enjoy the creative and practical part of the music business.

What do I need a publisher for?

As briefly explained above, the ultimate goal of publishing is to get back all the money to the artist from copyrights usage. Such money is legally owned by the artist and is only waiting to be cashed in. However, this process can be tiring if you decide to do it all by yourself, getting easily lost in the bureaucratic maze of big copyright distributors.
In fact, every single click your song receives on a YouTube page or on music streaming pages such as Soundcloud is worth money. We can take care of this for you and make sure that you receive what is owed to you!

How can I get started?

If you are interested in our publishing service, we’ll be extremely happy to hear from you at any time! Our door is open to everyone who loves electronic music as much as we do. You can send an e-mail with a brief description of yourself and your music career to publishing@yamagency.com.
Once we’ve received your request, we’ll get in touch with you in order to figure out the first steps together.